ADELIE, a collection with a whole host of facets

The most recent arrival in the world of Revol, the Adélie range can boast a wide range of assets.

A simple and effective design

With a generous amount of space for serving food and slightly raised edges to contain sauces and garnishes, Adélie plates are the ideal solution for all modern restaurants, from bistrot cuisine to high-level gastronomy. The collection is flexible and well adapted to practical concerns thanks to a deliberately limited range of shapes, but all designed to take care of numerous functions. Breakfast and brunch, starters and desserts, main dishes and à la carte dishes, you are sure to find the right item for your cuisine. Specially made for optimal handling and stacking, the collection's curved design is an invitation to savour great food, with no unnecessary flourishes but always in good taste. 

Striking colours, the Revol exception

Revol's ivory white catches the light in a remarkable way, providing unmatched impact on the dining table. It will bring a dazzling and delicate brightness to your dishes. The colour harmonises with a wide range of decors, making the dishes easy to use on a daily basis, both for the choice of ingredients in your recipes and for the accessories around the plate.

10 years ago, Revol was the first tableware brand daring to use a black slate effect and has successfully added this signature style to the new Adélie collection. The subtle touch added by the grain of the enamel on the plate's surface and the power of the matt black colour are a wonderful way to enhance your dishes. The black slate effect on through-coloured black ceramic clay is definitely an extra asset.

Colours with a simple and stylish elegance got to make a wonderful addition to the Revol collections.

The Adélie collection with Pekoë for a vitamin-rich brunch.

Practical in the kitchen, attractive on the dining table

In the oven, under the salamander, in the microwave or foodwarmer, Revol culinary porcelain is the most versatile ceramic for cooking, browning, grilling and heating up food in the kitchen. We have calculated the thickness of Adélie plates so that the food stays at the right temperature on the table, while guaranteeing excellent robustness.      

Your tools

You can find the Adélie collection on page 20 of the Revol catalogue:


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