The Show must Go on !

Here’s our first volume of the best Instagram images by our ambassadors and talented chefs highlighting the vast palette of shapes, colours and textures in our collections.


Sabrina Cipolla is a magician when it comes to food styling. Based in Zurich and with an unconventional career path behind her, she was nevertheless able to convince our demanding team that she was a worthy ambassador for our brand. Her use of colours, choice of ingredients and presentation make every plate stand out both aesthetically and for its flavours

Adapting elements of traditional art in new means of expression, Milanese chef Stephano Carbone inspires us to see the world through colourful dishes full of poetry. In doing he opens our eyes to gastronomic cultures beyond our own

A brand partner of ours for several years now, pastry chef Christophe Tuloup is a rare talent as groundbreaking in styling as he is in flavour. He promotes Revol and Mealplak pieces with grace and delicacy.

Though working far from his native India, Chef Jomon uses the colours of his origins in their full force in his uninhibited but subtly presented cuisine.


Photographer Patrick Smith bears witness to a booming trend for sincere, authentic healthy food though his close look at London street food.

From the pitchfork to real forks, Chef David Viana in New Jersey puts great produce at the heart of his presentation.

An eco-ambassador for the No.w (No Waste) collection in the United States, le Chef Earl is the very embodiment of positive energy coupled with a great collective spirit. LIke him, his cuisine is generous, open-minded and flavourful!

A pastry chef with a restaurant just 100km from our factoryXavier Thill is a great talent committed to local firms. We’ve delighted he’s joined our team of eco ambassadors.

Looking forward to volume 2 from our other talented ambassadors, all of these beautiful presentations and many others an be seen on our own Instagram page. Tag Revol in your best photos to increase your chances of standing out!