No.W, the first recycled ceramic

Revol is proud to produce porcelain – a safe, durable product made from mineral elements. But for several years now, we’ve also been eager to reduce our firm’s environmental footprint.

Our aim was to become the first firm to offer the hotel and restaurant industries eco-friendly products made from ceramic clay and recycled enamels. And that dream is now reality. Were delighted to share with you our unique invention.

For us, working in partnership with you, sustainable development is already here!



To help conserve our planet’s resources, we now recycle and reuse our industrial waste, significantly reducing the amount of mineral materials used in our ceramics.

Our mission for 2020 :
To reincorporate 80 tonnes of our industrial waste into our production process, thus reducing by 80 tonnes our use of primary materials (kaolin, feldspar, clay, silica).

Recyclay, the first ceramic clay made from industrial waste

Recyclay is the result of a revolutionary new way of processing our industrial waste. It means we can purify the water and return it to its natural state while recovering the mineral matter from our clays and enamels in the water. We use the end product to create a new ceramic clay with the same technical properties as other Revol ceramics. This patent-pending process is helping Revol to reaffirm its status as a pioneer in the world of innovative ceramics.

NoW, the first eco-friendly tableware collectioncreated from recycled ceramics

The first Revol Collection to make use of the new ceramic clay Recyclay on an industrial scale, No.W (as in: No Waste) is a highly meaningful collection that allows restaurateurs and hoteliers to put their environmental principles into practice.

The simple, durable, hand-finished design is also one of the most robust and functional for professional chefs. This collection of recycled ceramics offers the same technical qualities as the rest of Revol’s culinary porcelain.

We launched Recyclay after three years’ research and testing at the highest levels in our laboratory. It benefits from the same mechanical strength, heat resistance and absolute lack of porosity as our white porcelain and our mass-dyed black ceramics.

Our technical experts carried out the same research and development work on our enamels, which are also created from re-processed industrial waste. Just the right quantity of recycled enamel is placed in the plate to create a random rendering and a unique finish. The No.W collection is available in two colours – Arctic white and blue – as well as in a raw version (the dark-grey of Recyclay itself).

The design choices, conception and production process have all been dictated by Revol’s insistence on restricting the production stages to the essentials required by a crafts-based manufacturer. We are hugely proud to offer our eco-friendly collection to the widest possible array of clients.

Plate: Ø  28.5cm, 26cm, 23.5cm, 21cm

  • Made from recycled clays and enamels, this plate is a work of craftsmanship in which the potter’s hand brings its delicacy and rhythm to culinary dishes
  • Recyclay ceramics as are high-spec as Revol porcelain, assuring the durability, robustness and functionality that professional chefs need.
  • Three subtle colours show our creation in its best light: raw Recyclay (dark-grey), indigo blue and Arctic white.
  • The plates stack perfectly

Soup plate: Ø 21cm

  • Its judicious volume is useful in creating healthy, balanced meals at the same time as helping to keep down material costs.
  • Easily stored thanks to its stackability, the plate is also simple to hold due to its unobstructive but very strong rim.
  • Comes in finishes to match your every culinary creation and every stage of a meal.

Bowl Ø 17cm, 55cl

  • Made from recycled clays and enamels, the No.W bowl is an indispensable tool for chefs eager to put their eco principles into action.
  • Its simple but carefully conceived shape means it fits perfectly into the palm of the hand, and its beautifully curved interior is an invitation to gastronomic enjoyment.
  • Designed both for warm dishes and for cold ones such as buddha bowls, its design is ideally suited to tasty new recipes devoured using a spoon.
  • Designed for use in professional and Salamander ovens, it’s extremely strong

Rectangular plate 33cm

  • Faithful to the spirit of the collection, the rim of this plate commemorates the movement of the potter’s hand. The simple design of the plate as a whole makes it a versatile base.
  • Useful as a platter on a buffet, the plate has a level surface that also makes it ideal for serving fine meats with accompaniments.
  • Stackable and easy to hold, in raw or coloured form, these rectangular plates are excellent for large-scale catering

Tasse 8cland 20cl

  • A worthy centerpiece at healthy, balanced brunches, the No.W cup is much-loved for the delicacy of its hand-crafted shape and its finish of randomly applied enamel.
  • As high-spec as Revol’s culinary porcelain, the No.W cup can be used in the oven or to keep individual fruit salads chilled on a buffet.
  • Whether raw or coloured, it brings your table to life and tempts you to treat yourself to a flavoursome cup of tea or coffee.   
  • The cups can be mixed and matched with other Revol collections, such as Caractère and Basalt.

Recycled glass bottle

  • Made of recycled glass, the No.W bottle brings a finishing touch to the dining table
  • Like a vase for a single wildflower, its form is ideal for serving sake, seasonings or sauces.
  • The imperfections in the glass are fully in keeping with the zero-waste spirit of the No.W collection.



Recyclay ceramic shelf talker

FR: 654919
EN: 654921

Made from Recyclay, this shelf talker is for use in a showroom or on on the reception desk of a restaurant or hotel to highlight the establishment’s ecological commitment.

No.W Brochure

Without prices : 654827
With prices : 654828

x 80cm / 59 x 31 ½"

FR: 654929
EN: 654930

Shelf talkers
14.8 x 21cm / 6 x 8 ¼"