The REVOL factory is scrupulously committed to complying with the health and safety International regulations to preserve the health of its employees and ensure the safety of our production. The measures that have been taken or strengthened are as follows:

    • REVOL management hands over to each employee, upon signature, a SAFETY-RESUMPTION COVID 19 leaflet the day they start working again, making time to explain and exchange about the necessity of such safety procedures
    • Protecting any person whose health condition would be at higher risk, in accordance with derogative plan stated by French government
    • Respecting necessary hygiene gestures as stated by government authorities
    • Practicing social distancing
    • Organizing meetings over the phone or using digital means
    • Communicating public information on large visible boards
    • Mastering the safety procedure to follow in case of symptoms
    • Spacing out entries/exits in and out of buildings, break times, to prevent gatherings
    • Making safety equipment available at all time (masks, gloves, hydroalcoholic gel bottles) and regularly inventorying them – their constant availability is a priority for REVOL and the department managers
    • Drop off/stocking area dedicated to parcels, awaiting 24 hours before distribution and opening with appropriate safety equipment
    • Reorganizing work stations when necessary to apply social distancing
    • Using individual stationery
    • Increasing cleaning of common areas, points of contacts, and making every members aware of their responsability for their own work station
    • Closing any space where these safety measures could not be implemented

REVOL team members’ commitment to strictly respecting these rules is a proof of personal conscience and solidarity: let’s act together!