A French family business since 1768

Revol is a French company specializing in culinary porcelain, managed by the same family for nine generations. The Revols are manufacturers, traders, merchants, and master potters, from father to son. And while genealogy places this family in the north of the Drôme, archaeology shows that its regional roots extend all the way to the city of Lyon. It is there that the Pierre Revol’s family builds pottery studios throughout the 18th century. At 26 years of age, Pierre comes to Ponsas, in the north of the Drôme (close to the current factory), to marry Magdeleine Carrier, herself the descendant of a long line of potters. His choice of location is not only motivated by a return to his family roots, but is also explained by the quality of the soil: it contains not only superior clays and sands, but especially deposits of kaolin that favour the manufacture of more resistant pieces that are flameproof. Were Pierre and Magdeleine aware of the amplitude of what they were about to embark upon ?

250 years of production: responsiveness and adaptability

The history of taste and consumption, as well as changes in lifestyles, have led to the creation of specific pieces for each period. Nevertheless, Revol has always and continuously made cookware and tableware. Throughout the 19th century, the company has primarily made household products, particularly bowls, dishes and soup pots, but also a lot of bottles intended either for alcohol or for storing consumable liquids: oil, milk, water, etc.

Little by little, manufacturing processes evolved towards more sophisticated products, particularly gold-decorated presents, while at the same time, the business began to make objects for the advertising market during the first half of the 20th century.

Beginning in the 1980s, we have resolutely evolved towards hotel and hospitality market, forming partnerships with renowned Chefs, and offering innovative culinary solutions to this rapidly developing market.

The beginning of the 2000s marks Revol’s entry into the world of general public and department stores.

Revol’s ambition since then is to develop ever-more innovative products and by pursuing a policy of expansion across the world. This desire to succeed is also supported by the skilled and passionate men and women who, having worked for many years at the factory in Saint-Uze, are invested in the history of this small provincial company that has now become a formidable fixture in its market. A collective success brought about by the joy of creating objects designed for the ‘pleasure of sharing’.