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The flat bowls in the Equinoxe range have been designed to make serving easy thanks to their flat bottom and great aesthetic appearance. The edge of this bowl is designed with a black contour line at the top. Whether as a plate to be shared, a recipe with a sauce, a soup or pasta, this flat ceramic bowl will stand out and make a great impression on your dining table.


Sold by 6, 4 unit(s)

Technical information
Made inFrance
Capacity (oz)130, 35,25, 24,75, 35
Sold by6, 4
DimensionsH. 5 x Ø 27 cm, H. 5,7 x Ø 24,2 cm, H. 2,25 x Ø 6 inch, H. 2,5 x Ø 7,5 inch
Available colorsPepper, White Cumulus, Cirrus Blue, Cast iron style
  • alimentaire
  • choc
  • naturel
  • microondes
  • lavevaisselle
  • nonporeux
  • four
  • congelateur

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