Service plate - 34 cm

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This oval Equinoxe plate reflects our wish to produce a special plate for your very finest recipes. It is ideal for serving meat, whole fish and main dishes. With its flat bottom and slightly raised edges, this plate will bring the elegance of high-quality cuisine along with ease of service thanks to a large usable surface. A fine enamel line is hand-drawn around the edge to perfectly set off the plate's contours and enhance your ingredients.


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Technical information
Made in France
Material Porcelain
Sold by 4
Dimensions 35 x 22,3 x H. 4 cm
Available colors Cast iron style, Pepper, White Cumulus, Cirrus Blue
  • alimentaire
  • choc
  • naturel
  • microondes
  • lavevaisselle
  • nonporeux
  • four
  • congelateur
The forces of nature and the seasons awaken the creativity of chefs and influence the careful selection of ingredients.


The peppery white is discrete and gives way to the colours of the winter vegetables.
The bold texture of the black gives structure and emphasis.
Cirrus blue : the blue and the white unite to form a silky and subtle veil.


Flat and hollowed plates that meet the needs of all the parts of a meal
A refined oval plate with a slightly pronounced edge rounds out the range
The central piece of this collection: the dim sum gives you the opportunity to create your signature dish


The sun and the moon play with the earth, their extraordinary forces of attraction provoking tides and bringing about the seasons. This moment marks the passage from winter to spring or from summer to autumn, and announces new harvests that awaken the creativity of chefs on the lookout for new ingredients.

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