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The Revol steel basket, elegance and convenience for the best dressed tables

You will be delighted by the original design of this black steel basket which, like their porcelain tableware for gourmet cuisine, unveils the renowned expertise and know-how of Revol. Placing great emphasis on combining simplicity with the delight of your guests, along with the indispensable everyday convenience for your restaurant team, Revol has designed this basket to meet your requirements. Available in 4 versions, the steel basket by Revol can become a fruit basket centrepiece or a pastry basket for your breakfast buffet. And why not turn it upside-down to make an elegant display stand to enhance your dishes?

The black wire basket by Revol, a quality choice

The design of this wire basket, made of steel, can be used with all porcelain tableware. It is extremely resistant with flawless welding, because Revol know that any scratches on your furniture or snagged textile is inexcusable. Give in to temptation, this basket can be used on so many occasions.

  • A metal wire basket which toys with transparency and essence.
  • Comes in 4 shapes and can be used as a fruit or pastry basket.
  • The basket can also be used as a display stand, so place them side by side on your buffet table.


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Dimensions11,5 x 7,25 x H. 3,5 inch, 12,75 x 9,5 x H. 6 inch, 14 x 14 x H. 2,5 inch, 20,75 x 12,75 x H. 2,5 inch
Available colorsMatt black metal
  • alimentaire
  • naturel
DESIGNED BY REVOL Most of these materials are developed by our designer in the workshop. They are unique shapes, crafted and adapted in detail. Each year, the range is expanded in line with your needs. We always work with reliable partner manufacturers and continually strive for excellence.


The materials have been very carefully selected for the quality and durability required for daily use in hotels and restaurants.


Revol strives to create a skilfully crafted range with shapes and materials opening up unlimited creative possibilities to beautifully round off our porcelain selection.

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