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Tableware for gourmet restaurants and a glass bottle, by Revol

You have chosen with care your breakfast buffet plates, bowls and even the porcelain mugs among the Revol ranges, but have you taken the same care to choose your water and fruit juice carafes? The specialist of gourmet restaurant tableware thought of you when designing this bottle with its stopper, sure to find its rightful place on your table display. This transparent glass bottle has been especially created for your buffets. Its elegant design allows you to arrange more than one, side by side without taking up too much space. In the kitchen too, you will appreciate its carefully designed shape, as it can be tidied away to save significant storage space. But because this bottle should, above all, satisfy your clients' needs, use it to enhance your table presentation, by playing with the colours of your fruit juices. And not only can it be stored in a fridge door, its slim design also facilitates a safe grip. This small one litre bottle appeals to all.

A bottle with a grey stopper, created to please.

  • Play with colour; fill up these one litre glass bottles with the tastiest juices.
  • A bottle especially designed to save space both on your table display and in the kitchen.
  • A silicone stopper for longer freshness.
  • This easy grip bottle may also be stored in the door of your fridge.


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Technical information
Capacity (oz)35,25
Sold by2
Dimensions11.3 x 8.1 x H. 31 cm
Available colorsGlass
  • alimentaire
  • naturel
  • lavevaisselle
DESIGNED BY REVOL Most of these materials are developed by our designer in the workshop. They are unique shapes, crafted and adapted in detail. Each year, the range is expanded in line with your needs. We always work with reliable partner manufacturers and continually strive for excellence.


The materials have been very carefully selected for the quality and durability required for daily use in hotels and restaurants.


Revol strives to create a skilfully crafted range with shapes and materials opening up unlimited creative possibilities to beautifully round off our porcelain selection.

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