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Present your audacity in this round glass verrine.

Be it for a lounge, gourmet restaurant or reception buffet, your creativity is expressed in many different ways. To enhance your audacity, be enticed by Revol solutions, by acquiring their culinary porcelain tableware. Revol's master artisans have been taking their inspiration from top chefs for 200 years and today the round glass verrine conveys this vision of excellence. On your buffet table this glass verrine will give the oportunity to embellish your appetisers. Its round shape will push you to play with colour to enhance your tabletop. At teatime or for dessert, your sweet dishes will take centre stage in your gourmet restaurant. A perfect opportunity to surprise your clients a little more. Because Revol knows your daily demands, the round glass verrine will transform into a liqueur glass or an ideal jar to hold your rare spices, to revive the flavour of your dishes. Follow your ideas and your desires!

The round glass verrine, a source of inspiration for chefs and for Revol.

The traditional shape yet contemporary look of this round glass verrine is ideal for all occasions. On the tabletop and on a buffet, at lunch and at dinner, for savoury dishes or sweet desserts, rely on the Revol quality of this glass verrine to entice your guests:

  • A round glass verrine made from transparent glass, so play with the colour of your sweet and savoury dishes.
  • For appetisers or gourmet desserts, the glass verrine adapts to your needs and desires.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe, this verrine proves to be practical and convenient.


Sold by 6 unit(s)

Technical information
Capacity (oz)3,5
Sold by6
DimensionsH. 6 x Ø 6.2 cm
Available colorsGlass
  • alimentaire
  • naturel
  • microondes
  • lavevaisselle
DESIGNED BY REVOL Most of these materials are developed by our designer in the workshop. They are unique shapes, crafted and adapted in detail. Each year, the range is expanded in line with your needs. We always work with reliable partner manufacturers and continually strive for excellence.


The materials have been very carefully selected for the quality and durability required for daily use in hotels and restaurants.


Revol strives to create a skilfully crafted range with shapes and materials opening up unlimited creative possibilities to beautifully round off our porcelain selection.

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