oil cruet with huile/oil inscriptions 25 cl - 8.3 x 7.9 x 16.5 cm

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Customise your dining table simply with the elegant ceramic curves of this oil bottle with lettering. On the table and the buffet this oil bottle makes seasoning your finest creations easy. With its generous and simple design, the model is available in two colours (white and slate). In white or black Revol ceramic, it is non-porous and easy to clean.


Sold by 2 unit(s)

Technical information
Made inFrance
Capacity (oz)25
Sold by2
Dimensions3,25 x 3 x H. 6,5 inch
Available colorsMatt Slate Style
  • alimentaire
  • induction
  • choc
  • naturel
  • microondes
  • lavevaisselle
  • nonporeux
  • four
A PURE AND LUXURIOUS DESIGNInspired by the shape of the traditional goatskin canteen, this range was born out of the idea that the contents shape the container and not the other way around Each piece has been studied for a particularly pleasant grip and elegant service. Likid is at home on your table or at your banquet
Creation of designer Eric Berthès.


The shapes and colours play with light and subtly attract attention
Each piece is hand-made, for a unique quality of finishing.


For your drinks, sauces, creams, coulis and broths, for your condiments, oils and vinegars, for your amuse-bouche.


Drawing its inspiration from the fluid lines of a gourd, LIKID originated from the idea that content shapes the container, and not the other way around.
Thanks to an undulating and simple design, these original vessels are easy to handle.

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