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  • The Pekoë tea bowl, a collaboration by Revol with a talented designer to create a new ‘Tea Time’ experience. The 18 cl tea bowl, a must for the perfect tasting.
  • The elegance of Revol porcelain found in this handle-free tea bowl created for optimal comfort and a winged pattern for a better dissipation of heat. When detail takes your experience to new heights.
  • Much more than a tea service, Pekoë can be part of all your displays and you have the option of choosing a theme for your bowl from an antique silver enamel decor or one in metal dart.


With this 18 cl tea bowl from the Pekoë collection, Revol add a little more to the experience of your guests when the ‘Tea Time’ bell rings. The bowl is sleek and smooth to touch, manifest proof of the know-how of Revol’s artisans. Without a handle, the Pekoë tea bowl is also comfortable to use, thanks to the way the winged pattern guarantees to dissipate heat., Created to guarantee perfect stability, with or without a saucer or plate, this Pekoë tea bowl is the product of Revol’s collaboration with a renowned designer. Everyone takes part in the fantasy and the magic of the moment, so don’t resist and chose this up to the minute designer collection to serve this millennial drink.  So, is it ‘Tea Time’ or ‘Pekoë Time’.


Technical information
Made inFrance
Capacity (oz)13.5
DimensionsH. 6,2 cm - Ø 9,2 cm - 15cl
Available colors2,5 x 3,5 inch - 5,25oz