Oval Plate 35cm

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New generation of steak plate, essential in modern catering - Surface studied for the presentation of purebred meats and their accompaniment - Resistant material does that does not fear the blade of the knife nor the fork. Can be combined with an elegant wooden tray (ref 654186) for the service.


BLACK CERAMICMade with dyed clay, this collection perfectly imitates natural slate: same cut-out shape and same visual characteristics but with all of the advantages of porcelain.


The pieces have a lightly hollow shape to gather juices in their centre. The grip has been made easy on round pieces as well as those with elevated edges. The most used flat pieces come with a wood support.


Though it imitates slates, porcelain is sturdier. It doesn’t scratch or crumble. Non-porous and food safe, it softens after a few washes, burnishing over time.


Simple in design, its innovative material imitates natural slate while benefitting from all of the culinary advantages of porcelain.

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