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These black ceramic dishes are the essential accessory for attractive presentations of snacks to share, tapas, appetisers or tasty treats. A range of uses with a simple and refined design are the advantages of this product. Macaroons with coffee, gressinis, olives and nuts on the bar, fried scallops or other seafood, tapas, truffles, stuffed mushrooms, quail eggs, mini skewers, croutons, marinated octopus, squid and a host of other options are on offer with this product. These imitation-slate dishes are available in three different sizes so that you can adapt them to your dishes.


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Technical information
Made inFrance
Sold by6
Dimensions6 x 2 x H. 0,75 inch, 3,25 x 2 x H. 0,75 inch, 10,75 x 2 x H. 0,75 inch
Available colorsMatt Slate Style
  • alimentaire
  • choc
  • naturel
  • microondes
  • lavevaisselle
  • nonporeux
  • four
  • congelateur

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