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The 30 cm rectangular plate from the Revol Solstice range, designed for the tables of tomorrow!

This rectangular ceramic plate, designed by Revol to embellish tableware of tomorrow, comes in no less than 5 colours: Black Moon, Cosmos Gold, Cosmos Platinum, Moon Light and Solar Storm. Artistic creativity, enhancing the ceramic that    Revol has been working with for more than two centuries A promise kept in this innovative Solstice range, allowing chefs to gain infinite inspiration, letting their audacious originality speak for itself, thanks to each and every detail of these unique designs.   Your appetizers and welcome platters will take on a whole new dimension with this rectangular plate. Each Revol ceramic creation is unique and the Revol Solstice range will transform into a genuine artistic creation, an original decoration for a welcome table or hotel room. With its fine patterns and mineral effect texture, this earthen-feel range will make this ceramic dish the perfect setting for your desserts.  

The Solstice rectangular plate, awakening infinite potential on the finest dining tables

Be it the silver and gold light from the Cosmos Platinum and Cosmos Gold or the emphasis of the texture and contours from the Black Moon and Moon Light, the rectangular Solstice plate by Revol comes in 5 colours to adapt to every table.   In all cases, this range designed by Revol meets your every need, thanks to its oven and dishwasher resistance. Prepare your voyage and pick your destination.   Choose the rectangular Solstice plate made of Revol ceramic:

  • A rectangular plate with a specially-studied size (30 x 13.5 cm) to enhance your desserts or inspire your welcome platters
  • Unique designs with irregular shapes, available in 5 different colours: Solar Storm, Black Moon, Cosmos Gold, Cosmos Platinum and Moon Light.
  • Prestigious rectangular plates for every occasion and every service, oven and grill resistant but also freezer and dishwasher proof.
  • Choose Moon light and Black Moon and your ceramic plates will also be microwave proof for further convenience.


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Technical information
Made inFrance
Sold by4
Dimensions11,75 x 5,25 x H. 0,75 inch
Available colorsSolar Storm, Cosmos Gold, Black Moon, Moon Light, Cosmos Platinum
CELEBRATING THE EARTHSolstice is born of raw materials, suddenly elevated to splendour by human hands, as if bearing witness to the most precious treasures our planet has to offer us.


Irregular and unique shapes showing the work of the human hand.
A collection seemingly honed out of the earth gifted with mineral-effect texturel.


Artistic research into decors and finishes
Pieces created to challenge your guests and call on all the chef’s creativity


A complete range of finishes, shapes and sizes dedicated to the table: gourmet pebble, bowls and plates.
Reversible bowls and trays for a “podium” effect


More than just a challenge that an intrepid manufacturer has set itself, Solstice invites you to witness a genuine metamorphosis of the culinary arts. Join us on a journey to imagine how the tables of tomorrow could be.

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