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Solstice, the new Revol ceramic range and a bowl that's full of surprises

Revol unveils the 40 cl Solstice bowl, highlighting the workmanship of the artisans who shape the noble material that is   ceramic. The Solstice range reinvents ceramic, allowing you to change the decor of your creativity.  The substance and irregular shape give the Solstice ceramic bowl a unique, elegant and eye-catching aspect. Every detail will draw attention and this Solstice 40 cl bowl will become an affirmation of your most imaginative dishes. Used for a starter service, this bowl with its size adapted to your needs will become an invitation to travel at your theme parties (Biryani, Guacamole, Hummus ...). Available in 6 distinct colours, this ceramic bowl from the Solstice range has also been designed not only for Chef's convenience, but also that of his/her brigade.

The 40 cl bowl, designed for every service

Inspired by pebbles and the Tibetan bowl, this Revol design has been crafted and decorated by hand, while maintaining its one objective: your enjoyment.

  • Revol has designed 6 different versions, embarking your guests on a voyage: Black Moon, Cosmos Gold, Cosmos Platinum, Sunrise Gold, Sunset Gold and Solar Storm.
  • Designed for today's chefs, use this 40 cl ceramic bowl for an individual starter or invite your guests to share Guacamole or Hummus.
  • Space-saving stackable bowls, despite their size.
  • Serve warm or frosted, for all your dishes served in this 40 cl bowl are oven, grill and freezer proof
  • Convenient and efficient, this bowl is dishwasher resistant and the Black Moon range is suitable for microwave use


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Technical information
Made inFrance
Capacity (oz)14
Sold by6
DimensionsH. 2,25 x Ø 5 inch
Available colorsSolar Storm, Black Moon, Cosmos Gold, Sunrise Gold, Cosmos Platinum, Sunset Gold
CELEBRATING THE EARTHSolstice is born of raw materials, suddenly elevated to splendour by human hands, as if bearing witness to the most precious treasures our planet has to offer us.


Irregular and unique shapes showing the work of the human hand.
A collection seemingly honed out of the earth gifted with mineral-effect texturel.


Artistic research into decors and finishes
Pieces created to challenge your guests and call on all the chef’s creativity


A complete range of finishes, shapes and sizes dedicated to the table: gourmet pebble, bowls and plates.
Reversible bowls and trays for a “podium” effect


More than just a challenge that an intrepid manufacturer has set itself, Solstice invites you to witness a genuine metamorphosis of the culinary arts. Join us on a journey to imagine how the tables of tomorrow could be.

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