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Gourmet pebbles enhancing every detail of your presentations

From the new Solstice range by Revol, this gourmet pebble fully illustrates an ambition to revisit dining etiquette and guarantees all chefs a vision of tomorrow's tables.   The perfect stand for enhancing your cocktails and buffets or showcasing your condiments (wasabi, sauces ...), this Solstice ceramic pebble comes in two versions: Cosmos Gold and Cosmos Platinum. Matching all the designs from the Solstice range, this gourmet pebble may also be used alongside many  other Revol collections. Its subtle silver and gold tones strengthen the delicacy of the pebble, whose irregular shape highlights the craftsmanship of Revol's ceramic artisans.   Used alone or with the fork from the same range, these ceramic pebbles with their smallest details will pave the way to the wonder of the finest tables.

Avant-garde tableware and its Solstice gourmet pebbles

Served on pebbles inspired by the Universe, Cosmos and Nature, your condiments will take centre stage on your creative table decoration.   Your gourmet creations will stand out on pebbles that play with the light.   A real pleasure for the eyes, delight your guests who are sure to appreciate its handy shape.   The gourmet pebbles from the Solstice range have been designed so that you may imagine your tables of tomorrow:

  • From the Solstice range, inspired by the Universe and its Planets, Cosmos and Nature, for a unique and unexpected effect.
  • Gourmet pebbles to enhance every detail of your presentation, matching all the designs from the same range or from other Revol collections.
  • Cosmos Gold or Cosmos Platinum, two different versions in subtle gold and silver tones.
  • A handy shape making serving easier.

Oven, dishwasher and freezer proof, these gourmet pebbles were also designed for your convenience day after day.


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Technical information
Made inFrance
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DimensionsH. 1 x Ø 2 inch
Available colorsCosmos Gold, Cosmos Platinum
CELEBRATING THE EARTHSolstice is born of raw materials, suddenly elevated to splendour by human hands, as if bearing witness to the most precious treasures our planet has to offer us.


Irregular and unique shapes showing the work of the human hand.
A collection seemingly honed out of the earth gifted with mineral-effect texturel.


Artistic research into decors and finishes
Pieces created to challenge your guests and call on all the chef’s creativity


A complete range of finishes, shapes and sizes dedicated to the table: gourmet pebble, bowls and plates.
Reversible bowls and trays for a “podium” effect


More than just a challenge that an intrepid manufacturer has set itself, Solstice invites you to witness a genuine metamorphosis of the culinary arts. Join us on a journey to imagine how the tables of tomorrow could be.

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