Rectangular plate swell

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  • Opt for the rectangular plate, an on-trend choice that will seduce your guests, then with the Swell collection from Revol, bring yet more focus upon your sense of detail.
  • A collection inspired by the sea, and all its culinary riches. All of its riches are combined in this delicate and smooth rectangular plate, a reminder of the dancing colours of the sea and the ripples of the sand.
  • White sand, black sand or brown sand, you have three colour schemes to choose from for this Swell rectangular plate, enough to meet everyone’s expectations and to answer to the desires of every chef.

It’s by taking care of every detail that you will seduce the guests of today. Flat, curved or rectangular, the plate is part of a tableware collection that will attract the eye and show off the richness of your culinary creations. With the Swell collection, Revol has imagined rectangular plates inspired by the world of the sea and the ripples of the sand. The result is at the height of your expectations, more so because you have a choice of colours out of Black Sand, White Sand or Brown Sand. In other words, the journey proposed by these rectangular plates promises to be a good one. So, go on, it’s up to you to dive into the water and follow your heart’s desire; whether it’s with a service that’s all the same colour or whether you dare to go for a mix of the shades available. Whatever the case may be, allow yourself to be seduced by these rectangular porcelain plates and, rest assured, they can go in the dishwasher, the freezer, the dishwasher and can even go in the oven.