crumple tumbler wire stand (8cl x6)

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The tumbler stand, a minor detail not to go unnoticed!

Revol’s tumbler stand will enhance the presentation of your breakfast buffet or make your coffee break more welcoming.  This wire tumbler stand may be used with all Revol porcelain cups , can be ideally placed on your breakfast buffet table  and is also welcome in a meeting to announce a coffee break to participants.  Matching Revol’s wire pastry basket, it will hold up to 6 coffee cups, saving space on the buffet table. Try the tumbler stand for serving at tables with a pot of tea or coffee. Because every detail counts, Revol recommends you show off your porcelain tableware in this tumbler stand, placed within reach and sight of all your guests.

Comfort and elegance with the Revol tumbler stand

Revol brings adapted solutions to each and every atmosphere, to each and every chef, with its  numerous  collections to personalise according to your preference and expectations.  This tumbler stand puts the finishing touches to your table, demonstrating your attention to detail!

  • Wire tumbler stand which  adapts to all Revol designs
  • Matching wire pastry basket for an enhanced presentation
  • May contain up to 6 cups, saving space on your buffets

Ideal for coffee breaks or  buffet presentations


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Technical information
Sold by4
DimensionsH. 9,5 x Ø 2,75 inch
Available colorsBlack metal
DESIGNED BY REVOL Most of these materials are developed by our designer in the workshop. They are unique shapes, crafted and adapted in detail. Each year, the range is expanded in line with your needs. We always work with reliable partner manufacturers and continually strive for excellence.


The materials have been very carefully selected for the quality and durability required for daily use in hotels and restaurants.


Revol strives to create a skilfully crafted range with shapes and materials opening up unlimited creative possibilities to beautifully round off our porcelain selection.

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