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An opaque glass to enhance your dishes: the Picardie Soft Touch tumbler

Duralex certainly doesn’t intend to hide your creativity with this opaque glass; quite the contrary.  The Picardie Soft Touch tumbler gives you a mat and opaque look that will arouse the curiosity of your clients and tease their imagination.  The soft touch of this black glass will enchant your guests at first sight, as they wonder which dish is hiding in this elegant tumbler.  The Picardie Soft Touch tumbler will be perfect in its 9 cl version for serving Italian coffee, or can be used to genuinely showcase your starters or desserts.  Why not keep the secret of your famous tiramisu recipe by serving it in a Picardie Soft Touch tumbler? Serve your dishes in this opaque tumbler or serve this Revol design on your buffet or cocktail tables!

Be creative and be inspired by the elegance of this Picardie Soft Touch tumbler

A major player in tableware and more particularly porcelain tableware, Revol draws inspiration from the creativity of chefs around the world  and offers them designs that measure up to their expectations.

  • The Picardie Soft Touch tumbler, opaque and smooth to touch for a sophisticated, mysterious table presentation
  • Play with the contrasts of a mat exterior and a shiny interior giving even more zest to your presentations.
  • This original Revol creation comes in two sizes: 25 or 9 cl


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Technical information
Capacity (oz)3,25, 25
Sold by6
DimensionsH. 3,5 x Ø 3,5 inch, H. 2,75 x Ø 2,5 inch
Available colorsBlack Glass
DESIGNED BY REVOL Most of these materials are developed by our designer in the workshop. They are unique shapes, crafted and adapted in detail. Each year, the range is expanded in line with your needs. We always work with reliable partner manufacturers and continually strive for excellence.


The materials have been very carefully selected for the quality and durability required for daily use in hotels and restaurants.


Revol strives to create a skilfully crafted range with shapes and materials opening up unlimited creative possibilities to beautifully round off our porcelain selection.

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